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It is possible to create breath-taking photos using only one light. I’ll show you how to master one-light photography in this in-depth course, showing you behind the lens and setting up your light all the way to retouching it in Photoshop.

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Being Brand You

You get the coveted methods to branding yourself so people remember you, trust you and want to do business with you. If you don’t think brand matters, then you have a long hard climb up to get noticed.

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  • 3 Elements to Elevating Your Expertise and Being Known for Exactly What You Want
  • Learn the Full Extent of Being “Brand You” Far Beyond Your Websites
  • Discover Step by Step How to Get Right What Even Web Developers Get Wrong
  • Avoid 2 Shocking Mistakes that Make Visitors Leave Your Websites in Seconds
  • Get Top Secret Tools to Design Killer Logos and Websites
  • Stand Out Above the Sea of Sameness, Get Noticed, and Get Booked
  • What Your Brand Should Look Like & Say so Your Prospects Want More
  • 3 Critical Steps to Take In Your Business At This Time
  • Finely Tune Your Marketing Hat and Outsmart Your Competition


Speaker Success Secrets

If you’re looking for a dream career or adding speaking to your business either as a lead generation or income producer, then you’re in the right place. I have spoken in 35 countries, on hundreds of stages, and made 6 figures in 90 minutes many times over. There is an art to every element of speaking, and a strategy to get you to your desired outcome. I’ll tell you exactly what I did to go from complete unknown to world wide speaker in under 5 months.

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  • Know The 4 Essential Elements You Need On Your Website As a Speaker
  • How to Deal with Last Minute Changes, Like Having Your Time Slot to Speak Slashed
  • How to Avoid Confusing Your Audience and Preventing Them From Buying
  • Where You Always Start FIRST When Your Are Crafting Your Presentation
  • How To Make Your Offer a No-Brainer Buy
  • Understand the Difference of the 3 Different Speaking Categories, and Their Pay Rates
  • How to get Fence Sitters to Run to the Back of the Room with Their Credit Cards
  • The Do’s and Don’t of Taking Questions, Doing Workshops, Handouts, Music, and Playing Videos
  • The Marketing You Need When You’re Starting at Ground Zero
  • The Most Common Mistake of All In Speaking


Your Own Live Event

Events can be the greatest income producer for your business, or can bankrupt it in a weekend. There is a right way to do your first event, future events, and you’ll learn what type of event is right for you so that you leave with a profit in your pockets, not another hard lesson learned.

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  • Find Out the 3 Elements that Will Change Your Business Outcome to Instant 5 or 6 Figure Days
  • How to Have Fun, Make Money Doing What You Love, Help Others, and be an Superstar
  • Revealed: Secrets to Getting Started with Your Own Live Event
  • Discover the 3 Methods For Live Events That Can Bring Mega Bucks to Your Business
  • Be Able to Control the Overwhelm: Understand the Minimum You Need to Do
  • Get The Exact Steps You Need To Do To Hold a Cost Effective Money Making Event
  • What You can Negotiate With a Hotel to Reduce Cost
  • The Blueprint that Covers from Simple to Complex Ways to Make Money at Your Event
  • Save Your Sanity with these Golden Nuggets of What to Do During the Event
  • Why Your Work Doesn’t End When the Event is Over


Just a Few Focused Hours a Month Could Guarantee Your Success!

You can finally give yourself the help you need, the answers you seek and the clarity you need to move forward effectively and with confidence

Did you know that good time management is simply about making better choices?

Is your message worth getting out there in such a way that your prospects can easily find you, know what you do, and you build a relationship in which they know, like and trust you rapidly to accelerate your sales and conversions.

You are brilliant at what you do, and are destined to make an impact, reach millions and live a legacy, all you need to do is take that first step.

Your Destiny And Opportunity Is Always Outside Of Your Comfort Zone. The Only Thing That Holds You Back – Is You. Choose To Be Great, And Live Your Calling. Get The Answers You Need To Launch – Grow – And Leverage Your Online Presence.

Here’s to your continued awesomeness!

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Every course teaches you the data you need to fulfill your goal, and includes video training, an exercise workbook, and any other tools to help you create the results you desire.

Move Through At Your Own Pace

You are probably busy running your business, living your life, and it takes effort to schedule in your skills growth. That is why you can and move through this at your own pace and it works for busy people like you – who need to know how to take your business to the next level, and want to know the fastest way to do it.

Includes Lifetime Access to the Materials

Many courses give you a year to digest the information, but I give you lifetime access so you can revisit as your business grows for continued evolution, giving you immediate benefits plus compound value over time.


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