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Accelerate Attendance for Your Event

Benefits of an event. Fill your event with hungry buyers who want what you have to offer

Udemy Training

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new…

Creating Authority On Clubhouse

Get started learning the new social platform Clubhouse There are over 10 million downloads, 2…

List Building Essentials

Need the steps to properly create your own marketing email list? Here are the List Building Essentials with links to great tools.

Facebook LIVE Authority – Jumpstart course

How To Use Facebook Live To Engage With Your Audience, Build Your Brand And Sell…

Get Seen Signature Series Bundle

Create a High Converting Online Presence This bundle prepares you to be rapidly understood with…

Be Heard Signature Series Bundle

Rise to The Top and Be Heard Above The Noise This bundle takes you through…

Make More Signature Series Bundle

Expand On Your Success and Reach For The Top With this bundle leverage is the…

Reach Millions Signature Series Bundle

Reach Millions With the Power of Media, PR, and Selling at Your Own Event In…

TikTok Mastery Training – Quantumleap Course

Quantumleap into the TIKTOK World Get started with one of the most popular social media…

Zoom Getting Started, Operation, and Master Training Course

Zoom Setup, Operation, and Master Training Course Simplified Video Conferencing and Messaging for any Device…

Get Started with Pinterest course

Pinterest Jump Start course will give you the techniques and strategies to boost your Pinterest…

QuantumLeap Courses

Mastering Youtube Marketing

Starting with the 2nd largest search engine, this course guides you through steps to help you Skyrocket Your Presence and Increase Your Followers on Youtube. The idea is with more eyes on your videos, and with the right content and call to action, these viewer will want to find out more about you by visiting your products and website.

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Includes 10 Step by Step – How-To Videos

Deep Advanced Training includes:

  • Youtube and Blogging Strategy
  • Building a Massive Following
  • Youtube Traffic Weapon
  • Creating Your Youtube marketing Plan
  • Boosting Youtube Ranking
  • Increasing Views and Traffic Tricks

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Monetizing Your Instagram

Here are the steps to knock your Instagram presence right out of the park and turn it into a powerful marketing channel. This course includes a quick jumpstart series of videos designed to get you going in the Instagram space quickly. It’s all about visualizing your brand. 

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This course includes a quick jumpstart series of videos designed to get you going in the Instagram space quickly.

Follow sections in the course provides detailed step-by-step training videos.

Video Training includes:

  • Instagram Basics
  • Instagram Design and Grid
  • Power in the #Hashtags
  • Finding Followers
  • Top 10 Marketing Power Tools
  • Marketing Tips
  • Instagram Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Secrets to a Successful Post
  • Promotional Strategies

and more.

PLUS get an Instagram Marketing Guide and
an Instagram Monetization Checklist

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Facebook Live Mastery

This training series lays out the best techniques and training for getting the most out of Facebook Live. There are optimized startup steps and hacks including cool ideas to broaden your marketing and to quickly jump-start you in FB Live. Plus get full background training and information on live streaming using FB LIVE with step by step .

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Get full background training and information on live streaming using FB LIVE with step-by-step videos.

The sections included in this course are:

  • Jump into using Facebook LIVE
  • Background and Training for Facebook LIVE
  • How-To’s to Quantumleap Your Marketing with FB Live
  • Over 25 training videos

PLUS get these downloads:

FB Live Authority Guide (150 pages)
The FB Live Authority 8 page Checklist and best practices,
The FB Live Mindmap gives you the complete picture.

Get up and going and expanding with FB Live marketing in this detailed complete course.

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