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Be Heard


3 Courses

To Master the Art to Be Heard

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Social Media Mastery

Social media is the new game in town and nobody really told you the rules. This resulted in confusion, overwhelm and an approach to social media that borders between throwing spaghetti on the wall and a show down in the wild west. The solution is simple – when you understand what, where and why. 


  • Discover What You Must Have BEFORE Spending Time on Social Media
  • Finally Get The Piece That’s Missing From Social Media Techniques
  • Find Out The Real WHY You Are On Social Media
  • Find Out The Real Power of Google+ and Why You Should Do This FIRST
  • Know WHAT to Do, and WHERE to Reach Your Target Audience
  • There Are Only 3 Reasons You Need to be on Social Media Learn How to Master Them
  • Crack the Code to Strategically Using the Important Part of FaceBook
  • How to Set up Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Profile Strength of an All-Star
  • Learn How to Harness Twitter as a Niche Market Research Tool
  • Highly Effective Ways to Engage Followers and Know How to Approach Them

$97 Included

Sales Success Strategies

Most people hate selling, but it is the lifeblood of your business so it’s something you must get over. I show you the fast and easy ways to not sell, but listen, connect and create an opportunity for them to get the help they need. It’s simple, elegant, and it works. I sell 5 figure programs every week using this method, and with practice, you can too.


  • The Mindset Moment that Will Make You Love Selling
  • Revealed: The Three Income Killers That Can Break You
  • Eye Opening Methods that Will Get You New Hot Sales Leads
  • How to Boost Your Money Making Opportunities
  • The Easy 21 Day Project That Will Revolutionize Your Productivity
  • The Acid Test that Determines if Your Product is Viable
  • Learn the Fundamental Sales Elements that Have Made Me Millions
  • The Number One Thing that Will Help You Sell Over the Phone
  • How Poor Presenters Can Make Massive Sales
  • The Most Important Thing You Need to Do When You Ask For the Sale

$97 Included

Product Launch Mastery

 Once you have a product you need to get it out there and known right? There are a lot of ways to do that, but very few are successful or meet the expectations of the launch. There is a sequence, and specific gauges to help you understand what is possible, when to launch, and what is really required. 


  • Learn Exactly What I Have Applied and Tested with Millions of Dollars in Proven Results
  • Find Out What is More Important than Social Media in Your Business Growth Cycle
  • Gain Clarity on the Entire Progression From Getting Your Feet Wet to Advanced Strategies Used by Big Players
  • What Elements You Need In Place First, Before Even Considering a Launch
  • Exposed: The Illusion About a Book That Will Cost You Massive Time and Money
  • Why Writing a Book is the Easy Part, and What The Hard Part Really is
  • Discover Your Biggest Asset to Instant Cash
  • Strategy Call Secrets: How Long to Talk, What to Say, How to Upsell, and When to Downsell
  • Tricks to Getting Your Affiliates to Do What You Want
  • Learn the Silver Bullet to Getting People to Buy

$97 Included

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BONUS#1 Worksheets & Guides

In every lesson you get a full worksheet and guide that you fill out your information in, ultimately ending up with a full business plan that you can continue to apply over and over for repeated planning and success. (Value: $1,000)

Bonus#2 My Private Community

Lifetime access to my private client community where you will meet outstanding people who will help you, promote for you, encourage you, share with you and I visit in there every day providing advice and insights. (Value: $20,000)

Bonus#3 A Day with Tracy

Imagine finally getting the clarity you need for your online presence, social media, message and brand – and then topping it off with a side of 6 Figure Focus training – walking you through the exact blueprint to create, sell, and increase your income over and over. This one day live event will help you catapult your business – Guaranteed! You’ll Finally Understand:


  • What every sale hinges on (that without it you am wasting your breath)
  • The social media secret nobody is telling you
  • How skipping this step keeps you broke
  • A 6 Figure Proven Product Creation Formula
  • How to Create Evergreen Income and Finally Get the Freedom You Dream of
  • The Income Overdrive Formula for Guaranteed Financial Growth

(Value: $997)