5 Steps to a Bountiful Brand Quantumleap course

Need to Create or Tune-up Your Brand?

This Jumpstart-course,  5 Steps to a Bountiful Brand will guide you to create a great brand and more in these 5 steps.

Each key branding area is covered by Tracy in a detailed lesson.

The branding elements include:

  1.  Define a Target Audience,
  2.  Best Way to Choose Brand Colors,
  3.  How to Create a Tagline,
  4.  The Key Elements of a Logo, and
  5.  Aligning Your Brand


You want your brand and its alignment to exist in a cohesive complete structure to effectively communicate who you are and why they should do business with you.

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Learning the 5 Steps to a Bountiful Brand

Step 1 - Determining Your Target Audience


Looking for all the details on how to define your target audience?

Watch this training video for the answers.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to define a target audience so you can select colors, create copy and develop a marketing strategy that speaks directly to them.


Step 2 - How to Choose Colors for Your Branding

Making the Right Brand Color Choice.

It's not always what you like.


Looking for the elements on how to choose brand colors for your brand? Watch this video segment and you’ll learn what you need to know about how to choose the right brand colors for your target market.



Step 3 - Building an Effective Tagline


The Tagline - Brand and Message Creation


The next step is creating a tagline. What one is, and how to play with samples to discover your brand alignment and help you find the perfect tag line.

You will discover how to create a tagline, your message and align with a brand that has customers converting faster because of the clarity you now have.



Step 4 - The Elements of a Good Logo Design

What do you need for a good logo design. 


Here Tracy uncovers the elements of a good logo design, and you’ll learn the fundamentals you need to know about how to create a good logo.



Step 5 - Brand Alignment for Business

Ensuring the Brand Works for Your Business


Next step is to ensure the complete Brand Alignment.

Now with all the branding elements in hand and more important, you have distilled, examined, and listed who your target market is, what you deliver, and your focus.

You are now looking at the total package, where you are going, and ensure that you re true to your brand. Apply it and be consistent in your business and you new directions. 


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