How to Use Instagram

How to use Instagram the Right Way – Step by Step 

Here are the 7 steps (NOTE - sometimes steps change... 🙁  ) you will need to follow in order to get the most out of Instagram for your business over the web:

          Step 1: Downloading the Instagram Mobile App

          Step 2: Creating your Instagram Account as a Business

          Step 3: Setting up your Instagram Business Profile

          Step 4: Navigating through the app 

          Step 5: Posting images and videos on Instagram

          Step 6: Finding Instagram Followers for your Business


Step 1: Downloading the Instagram Mobile App

In this step, I will show you how to download and install Instagram on an Android Mobile Device. First of all you must be logged in to your Gmail Account, which should be the same email account you used to register on the Google Play Store.

Then you will go to, and from there you will see the download button named “Get it on Google Play.”

For your Apple devices, go to the Apple APP Store and search for "Instagram".