Creating Your Instagram Account

Once inside your Instagram Mobile App, you will have 3 different buttons. The “Register with Facebook” button will let you register your Instagram account using your Facebook login details and at the same time will invite you to connect with all of your friends on Facebook.

However, we recommend you use the “Register with Email” option if you are a business. Make sure to use your Business email address as well.

We advise you to use an email address connected to your Business domain name and not a free email address like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. This is something we advise you to do in all of your online marketing activities unless it is strictly necessary, such as for getting access to Google products. This is to help your social account look more professional. I use Gmail just for testing purposes.

Then you will be able to add your login details like your email account, your username, and your password. We strongly advise you to set the username as the name of your business.

The app will instantly let you know if the username is available or not.

Then you will able to add a few details about your Profile. You can do that right now or you can leave that for later; we will cover that topic in the next step.

Then you will be asked to find your friends on Facebook. If you are a business, I advise you to not do that. I will show you also on Step 6 how to find Instagram followers for your business.

And this is how your Instagram Home interface will look once you are done creating the account.