Navigating Through the App



There are 5 principal tabs inside the Instagram App.

The Home Tab

Once you start following other people on Instagram, you will start receiving their posts into your own Home Area.

Besides looking at their images and watching their videos, you will be able to like them by clicking on the little heart. You can double click on the image as well to like it.

In addition to that, you will be able to comment on any of the posts there. Your followers will be doing exactly the same with your posts.

The Explore Tab

In this section you will able to find people to follow on Instagram.

You will be able to search them by keyword Relevancy. You just need to select the “Users” sub-tab, type your keyword phrase, and then you will see a huge list of users who are directly related to your topic.

You can also search them by hashtag. Just select the “Tags” sub-tab, type the keyword phrase without spaces, and a lot of related images will be displayed.

The Camera Tab

There are a lot of really cool things you will able to see inside this Tab:

  • Switch the photo grid on or off
  • Switch between the front-facing and back-facing camera
  • Choose between always using phone’s flash, auto detecting flash or never using flash
  • Select a photo from your library
  • Capture a photo
  • Record a video

The News Tab

In the “Following” sub-tab you will see what your friends are liking and commenting on through the Instagram platform. This is amazing because you will know more about what your friends are liking so you can start posting stuff they like the most inside the topics you have in common.

And in the “You” sub-tab you will see how your friends are liking and commenting on your own posts, so you can track the engagement of your posts a lot easier.

The Profile Tab

Finally there is the Profile Tab, which is a tab you were able to use really well in the previous step. This is where you are able to edit your personal or business details.

You can change everything in this area. Instagram is really flexible compared to other social media platforms.