List of the Hottest Marketing Tips


A proper and authentic use of Instagram can ensure smooth and effective running of your business long term.

Following our tips ensures that Instagram usage proves to be a fruitful exercise for your business:

Reward your followers– Always remember, the success or failure of any business depends on how well you take care of your loyal customers. These people have stood by you in the long run, so you need to devise suitable strategies to keep them engaged in the long run. Give them a sneak peek into your product before you make it available to general buyers.

Make them feel connected to your organization by taking their valuable feedback. Certain points like additional discounts and free shipping, etc. can make your customers turn into loyalists. Always ensure that they feel connected to your brand on a personal level.

Showcase your products like never before– Instagram enables you to present your products to your customers in an uncomplicated and dignified manner. Certain exclusive features allow you to create extremely eye-pleasing images for your products that will lure your customers into purchasing.

The key to a successful product lies in the effective depiction of its features to the customer base. The characteristics of your product and its features can be easily highlighted with Instagram’s help. Share the snapshots of your product and its features with your customers. And with Instagram, you surely are going in the right direction.

Highlight your product creation process– One of the basic doubts in the minds of the customer is how the product gets manufactured: what are the basic processes that your company puts into practice before the manufacturing process gets operational? Do you follow the pre-defined industry standards or not? The answer to all these mind-boggling queries is Instagram.

Create a sequential and step- by- step photo series that showcases the complete manufacturing process. Also, if you find that the process is quite complex, you can create more than one guide and show the different stages right from planning to production to delivery.

Show multiple uses of your product– “DEMAND CAN OFTEN BE CREATED”, the words of a famous author have stood firmly in the business industry. We all know the fact that if we are able to constantly innovate and renovate the utilities of our product, we can sustain ourselves in the long run. More often than not, companies which constantly evolve their products are more likely to attain the path of success.

Sephora, a well-known business identity, used Instagram to highlight a product that women seldom preferred, converted it into a profitable brand, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Let your office be accessible to them– They have been using your products over a continuous span of time, and now it’s time for you to connect with them on a personal level. Make your work premises and shop floor accessible to your customer base. Make them aware of the efforts you put in at your end. Let them feel they are a part of you.

This will make them feel connected to your brand, which ensures they become your loyal customers. A recent study suggested that success of a business can be accelerated by having a close and interactive relationship with your clientele.

Have a thorough understanding of your consumers– If you have a deep knowledge of your customer base, it enables you to design suitable plans, policies and strategies for their benefit. It enables you to have a deep insight and identify the ins-and-outs regarding their likes and dislikes.

Instagram helps it’s users to get a clear picture of the anticipation of customers. It ensures that the marketing strategies are not obsolete and they always remain per the taste and preferences of buyers. Many successful business enterprises like Red Bull and Southwest Airlines have availed themselves of the benefits of Instagram through developing sound strategies for their customers.

Keep changing– “NOTHING IS PERMANENT, EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY”. In today’s scenario, businesses have to constantly engage in delivering something new to the customers. Whether you provide a service or you manufacture a certain product, you always have to be on your toes, as innovation holds the key to success.

Keep on giving something new and attractive to gain their attention. It enables the customer base to become curious about your products. Share images about your employees and post about the work environment so as to boost the profit margins. Evolution is a pre-requisite for every phase of attaining and retaining customers.

Make proper use of hashtags-Hashtags are great way of community-building.  They have often been improperly used by numerous business houses. Their importance has by far been neglected and this has seriously hampered their growth opportunities.

Before releasing any particular image, make sure you search around for available content on the net, and use relevant hashtags that are most likely to generate more engagement and lead to customer conversion. For example, if you are running a photo contest for your business on Instagram, use a tag which has been designed exclusively for that campaign. Be smart and let the images speak for themselves, rather than creating a commotion for the users.

Consistency holds the key to success– Success in everything needs consistency. You might have the best technology available, you might have the best manpower resources at your disposal, but still, it’s not a surety that your business will generate fruitful results.

The reason behind this is you might not be consistent with your efforts. Proper use of Instagram ensures that all your marketing efforts are headed in the right direction. Post snapshots at fixed time intervals about your product. For example, most of the companies dealing with consumer durables cannot even think of compromising on the quality aspect. They have to be up-to-date for ensuring growth in the long run.

Create a useful Instagram video- It has long been neglected by the powerhouses, but now, slowly and gradually, you should learn to make use of this excellent tool. With Instagram, you have the power to create a short 15-second video and share it at your convenience with your customers.

Another feature is that it enables you to take the benefits of its unique editing function and show various stages of the product creation process. It will ensure that your customers continue to remain with you as you march onward in the path of prosperity.