List of Instagram Marketing Do's and Don't


The pros and cons will be present everywhere; it all depends on you how you tackle these issues. Here you will find a list of certain important points that you should keep in mind while we use Instagram.

Share your knowledge with others– Instagram provides you with a unique opportunity to share what you know with a huge customer base. It enables you make effective and efficient use of technology for creating brand awareness. For example, Valeen Parubchenko, director of Private Picassos, a Company that provides art lessons in New York, uses this tool to monitor the projects of her students from the beginning till the end.

Introduce new products– Instagram is a great launch pad for your product or service. With the constant increase in the number of Instagram users, businesses have started using this as a marketing tool. By running advertising campaigns on Instagram, you can generate a huge number of leads, which gives you immense business potential.

Show customers who uses your product– It’s always a great idea to show people who have been using your products of late. It gives them a feeling of belonging, and they feel connected to your brand. For example, Benefit Cosmetics used Instagram to find out how many people were using their products. It got a huge response and approximately 12,000 people submitted their images. Later on, as a return favor, it created a mosaic view and displayed it on its website.

Being precise is always beneficial-. Being precise means posting photos that are a mirror image of you and your product. Being informative and clear about your point is the focal point of any business activity. Be genuine to the customers if you want them to be with you. Let your images speak for themselves.

Connect with your customers– Instagram gives you an opportunity to develop a rapport with your client base. It helps you to have a look at their snaps and respond instantly. Remember, you should always mention them while replying. For example, use #markinc when you want your comments to reach Mark directly.

Design a suitable advertising strategy- Instagram allows you to develop direct access with your customers. Make sure that a planned approach and careful policy is designed for your advertising. Never have an ambiguous strategy for your product. For example, Levi’s was one of the first advertisers on Instagram that used its images to establish a direct connection with its customers.

Hold customer engaging contests– Running a contest is one of the best available ways in which you can engage your audience for your benefits. Offer them gifts, provide them with take-away and make them feel that you always have something interesting in store for them.

Focus on your product only– Instagram gives you a chance to show diverse uses for your product. However, you should always be product-centered. If you deviate a little away from your product, it can have negative results for your company.

Effective use of filters– Instagram presents a unique way to substantiate the quality of your photos. Making proper and effective use of these filters ensures that your clicks get converted into highly appreciable content. Also, keep in mind these filters have been created for your benefit, not for invading any other person’s privacy.

Promote your hard work– If you have put your heart and soul into creating a certain product, show your customers that. Remember, they are the ones who use your product, and they will always be willing to hear details about the efforts you incur for their creation.

Here are some points that you should never implement if you want to have a successful journey with Instagram

Don’t upload pictures of others– The basic reason for the creation of Instagram was to enable people to share their personal snapshots with their near and dear ones. Also you need to keep in mind that the beauty of Instagram lies in sharing the images that you clicked to share with your closed user group. So, let’s avail the benefits and not play spoilsport in the life of others.

Don’t like all the snapshots– Yes, it’s true that you might have a large group of friends, but you cannot go on liking each and every snap. Learn to be selective, not because you want to reduce the social connection, but because selectivity is a quality of the learned.

Don’t have time gap in your posts– One thing that adversely affects your brand and its growth scope is having a considerable time gap between your posts. Try and maintain a certain level of connectivity in your posts so that your closed group remains in touch with you.

Don’t make excessive use of hashtags– Hashtags can have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of your Instagram usage. Some of the most popular users of Instagram have made selective use of hashtags, which has enabled them to be recognized on a larger scale. Overuse of everything is bad.

Don’t get negative– Understand the simple fact that if you upload a snap, it is liable to get appreciation as well as some grey feedback. Criticism should be welcomed with open arms.  So, do not get overly cautious or overly curious. People have opinions, and you cannot control their thought processes.

Don’t deviate from your priorities-“Your time is finite, but your work area infinite”.  Instagram enables you to connect with your customer base instantly. But, deviations are very dangerous for attaining targets. Being focused leads to the path of prosperity and success of your enterprise.

Don’t restrict it only to advertising purposes– The utilities of Instagram should not be restricted to only promoting your brand. Focus on sharing the facts and features in a different way. This will appeal to people because they can become quite bored with the age-old marketing tools and techniques.

Don’t forget to design your unique video– The relevance of getting sales conversions with the help of videos has been proven over and over again. It becomes quite easy to engage your audience this way. Go ahead, challenge yourself, create your video and keep marching on the path of success.

Don’t post dis-respectful content– Instagram gives you an opportunity to get in touch with a huge bank of customers. Always keep in mind that you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. So, upload photos that do not invade in the privacy of others.

Don’t forget to comment back– Yes, always keep in mind it’s very important to give a personal touch to your customers.

Depending on the size, it might be a little difficult for you to respond back to each and everyone, but efforts need to be put in place. Try to make communication a two-way process for engaging the audience.