Your First Steps in the Linkedin Platform

Welcome to the Linkedin Master Training Course.

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The course has been created through several different sources of information and training to deliver to you a complete understanding and to guide you through the various aspects of the Linkedin platform.

The materials are generally organized by these focus areas:

  • Optimizing Your Linkedin profile and foundation,
  • Taking advantage of Linkedin SEO,
  • Linkedin communication,
  • Linkedin marketing and advertising.

It is generally recommended to work through the materials in the order it has been organized, to best build upon the knowledge you gain in each step.

Don’t skip any section that you have some confusion with. This usually indicates that some word was misunderstood and you need to re-listen and re-watch the training section that you had trouble with and look up and define any words using a dictionary or draw out any concepts that you may not be familiar with. It could be a simple word that may be used in a different context and needs further clarification.

Enjoy the journey.