Course Conclusion

As you have worked through the course modules, these materials are generally organized by the following categories on:

  • Optimizing the Linkedin platform and setup,
  • Linkedin communication,
  • Linkedin marketing and advertising.

Use this as your reference for subject clarity and understanding. Don't skip any section that you have some confusion with. This usually indicates that some word was misunderstood and you need to re-listen and re-watch the training section that you had trouble with and look up and define any words or symbol that you may not be familiar with.  It could be a simple word that may be used in a different context and needs further clarification.

The materials take you through the entire lifecycle in Linkedin from laying the optimized foundation, to getting your name, domain and specialities targeted in the Linkedin SEO search engine.

You now have all the elements to become a top 4% of Linkedin hit.

You learned the craft of messaging and the art of communicating in the world's top producing, business platform.

With your foundation perfect and your communication techniques primed, you are now ready for the paid advertising and lead generating services.

Good luck on your Linkedin journey and business expansion. You are ready with all barrels loaded.