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Speaker Success Secrets

If you’re looking for a dream career or adding speaking to your business either as a lead generation or income producer, then you’re in the right place. I have spoken in 35 countries, on hundreds of stages, and made 6 figures in 90 minutes many times over. There is an art to every element of speaking, and a strategy to get you to your desired outcome. I’ll tell you exactly what I did to go from complete unknown to world wide speaker in under 5 months. 


  • Know The 4 Essential Elements You Need On Your Website As a Speaker
  • How to Deal with Last Minute Changes, Like Having Your Time Slot to Speak Slashed
  • How to Avoid Confusing Your Audience and Preventing Them From Buying
  • Where You Always Start FIRST When Your Are Crafting Your Presentation
  • How To Make Your Offer a No-Brainer Buy
  • Understand the Difference of the 3 Different Speaking Categories, and Their Pay Rates
  • How to get Fence Sitters to Run to the Back of the Room with Their Credit Cards
  • The Do’s and Don’t of Taking Questions, Doing Workshops, Handouts, Music, and Playing Videos
  • The Marketing You Need When You’re Starting at Ground Zero
  • The Most Common Mistake of All In Speaking

$97 Included

Your Million Dollar Design

You have probably heard about multiple streams of income, but what you may not have learned is what you should be doing, when, and why. So many people make mistakes that cause them to go for months without seeing any money at all – especially in the beginning. I have cracked the code to fast cash and a structured build of your money magnets.


  • Get the Exact Business Strategy I Used to Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • How to Turn a Handful of Knowledge into a Million Dollar Empire
  • Discover How to Avoid a Pitfall that Make Many People Fail
  • Get the Secrets to Conducting a Webinar that Makes You Money
  • What to Do When Your 1:1 Coaching Time is Tapped Out
  • New Opportunities Where You can Sell High End Products Like Never Before
  • Uncover the Truth About Filling a Room at Your Own Event
  • How to Get Paid to Create Content You Can Sell
  • The Real Reason Why People Do Kindle
  • The Biggest Mistake that Most People Make When Creating Multiple Streams of Income

$97 Included


Time is money and if you want to grow this is how it’s done. But outsourcing has it’s pitfalls – I reveal them so that you don’t put your company in jeopardy. It’s information an outsourcing company will not tell you. 


  • The #1 Thing to Get Off Your Plate
  • Learn the Critical Caveats When Outsourcing Will Help You Grow, and When It Will Shut You Down
  • What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Whether Hiring Local or Remote ( and you have to do it in order to grow)
  • Know What Triggers When You Should Start Looking For Help
  • Find Out the 1st Staff Position You Should Fill with Outsourcing and Why
  • The Social Media Dividing Line…What Someone Can Do For You, and What You Should Keep Doing Yourself
  • Insider Knowledge: Get Direct Website Links to Resources I Use
  • Who Delivers and Who Doesn’t and Tricks to Minimize Costs
  • The first thing you MUST  Do First BEFORE you EVER Hire
  • What Massive Time Savers That Are Easy to Outsource

$97 Included

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BONUS#1 Worksheets & Guides

In every lesson you get a full worksheet and guide that you fill out your information in, ultimately ending up with a full business plan that you can continue to apply over and over for repeated planning and success. (Value: $1,000)

Bonus#2 My Private Community

Lifetime access to my private client community where you will meet outstanding people who will help you, promote for you, encourage you, share with you and I visit in there every day providing advice and insights. (Value: $20,000)

Bonus#3 A Day with Tracy

Imagine finally getting the clarity you need for your online presence, social media, message and brand – and then topping it off with a side of 6 Figure Focus training – walking you through the exact blueprint to create, sell, and increase your income over and over. This one day live event will help you catapult your business – Guaranteed! You’ll Finally Understand:


  • What every sale hinges on (that without it you am wasting your breath)
  • The social media secret nobody is telling you
  • How skipping this step keeps you broke
  • A 6 Figure Proven Product Creation Formula
  • How to Create Evergreen Income and Finally Get the Freedom You Dream of
  • The Income Overdrive Formula for Guaranteed Financial Growth

(Value: $997)